710 S Lawson Dr 85120

710 S Lawson Dr 85120

39 Units / 98,988 SqFt Lot

WHOLESALE: $1,300,000
EARNEST: $20,000

HUGE investment opportunity for big hitter investors only. 39 units on 98,988 SqFt lot in AJ. BIG returns with a capitalization rate of 11.46%. Current owner will carry at 5% with 450K down. 90% of the residents are 50 years plus which is ideal as a landlord

  • Many long term tenants (18 years in one case)
  • Most residents are 50+
  • No snowbirds
  • Andy has lived on site for 18 years, gets his rent / electricity paid for and 240/week to maintain complex and does a great job
  • Kelly has been on for 2 years, same set up but 145/week. She cleans and paints.
  • They have 10-15 storage sheds of materials needed to swap out units as necessary.
  • Any new units being added to complex need to be 1995 or newer and acquisition price is 2500+/- installed
  • Seller will stay on site for 30 days after close to ensure smooth transition.
  • Net is approx 10k/ mo after debt service and expenses.
  • There is room for bumps in rents on several units.

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